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Graphics & Animation

Improving Sales - Motion Graphics Video
Team Possible UK - Animated Logo
Social Media Marketing - Animated Video

Not all videos have to have live footage in them, the use of motion graphics, pictures and animation is great way to get your message across, with the addition of a professional voice over and/or carefully chosen music you will be left a very powerful marketing tool.

Motion graphics can also be used in conjunction with live footage and can turn a standard video into a masterpiece, a lot of time and care was taken in developing your companies logo so imagine how good it would look if it came to life!!

If your business works in an area where people have disabilities simply adding subtitles to a video could make a huge difference.

Motion Graphics/Animations can be used to -

We specialise in many forms of animation, from animated logos to full stop motion and are very proud to have an award winning animator as part of the team.

Here is a list of the animation services we provide -

Here is a selection of security cameras we were asked to make into characters, each character
is fully movable and workable within a video and can also be put into positions for pictures that
can then be used on websites, posters and for other marketing purposes.